Bente is our newest employee at Privacy Management Partners. As Junior Happiness Officer, her expertise lies in loyalty, cuddles and endless enthusiasm. She is always ready to help the PMP-team to relieve stress and clear the mind. Next to that, she has a positive mindset and excellent communication and investigation skills, in which she is a real addition to the team. By successfully finishing the puppy school, Bente has the right qualifications to start her career at PMP. It is most likely that if a Certified Information Privacy Dog-certificate existed, Bente would pass! Although Bente doesn’t have much knowledge about privacy and data protection (yet), she fully supports her skilled and experienced colleagues in their daily work.

Having a dog at the office has proven to positively impact the work environment, as it leads to more fun, less stress and improved internal communication and flexibility. Furthermore, office dogs improve the self-esteem and positive mindset of the employees, and they help them reduce their anxiety. According to Professor Randolph Barker from the Virginia Commonwealth University, this positive impact is caused by oxytocin, or ‘the happiness hormone’, which also reduces blood pressure. So, what’s not to like about our newest employee? Woof!

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